Daily Forex Commentary

23 November 2017 - CAD holds on to gains with crude oil near $58

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar had another good day Wednesday, boosted by a further sharp rise in oil prices to their highest level of the year. read more

22 November 2017 - CAD stronger after oil price jumps almost 2%

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar got a double dose of good news on Tuesday and ended the North American session the equal strongest (with the AUD) of the currencies we follow here. read more

21 November 2017 - CAD finds support ahead of OPEC meeting

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar continues to track oil prices quite closely. On Monday, a slightly firmer US Dollar and lower NYMEX crude prices pushed USD/CAD to 1.2812; its highest level since November 2nd. read more

20 November 2017 - CAD sentiment driven by oil prices

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar is still tracking oil prices quite closely. Last week it began against the US Dollar around 1.2690, moved to an intra-day high immediately after Friday’s CPI of 1.2811 and ended in New York at 1.2770. read more

16 November 2017 - CAD steady; new ADP survey to be launched today

By Nick Parsons
Wednesday was a poor day for the Canadian Dollar, though not for your author who had warned for a couple of days that its recent strong run could be coming to an end. read more

15 November 2017 - CAD dragged lower by falling oil prices

By Nick Parsons
After a mini-wobble in the first two days of this week, the CAD has stabilized a little on global FX markets. read more

14 November 2017 - Is the CAD strong run coming to an end?

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar’s recent strong run may be coming to an end. Having finished last week at USD1.2690 the pair moved steadily higher throughout the London and New York time trading sessions on Monday to finish around the highs of the day at 1.2733. read more

13 November 2017 - CAD continues its strong run

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar is very marginally weaker against the US Dollar at the North American open though it requires a magnifying glass to read too much into its price action. read more

10 November 2017 - CAD strongest currency in first 10 days of November

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar has had a very good November so far. It hasn’t been a one-way trade because of the volatility of incoming economic data but from an opening level of USD1.2904 on November 1st, the pair has moved down to a low of 1.2667. read more

08 November 2017 - CAD firmer ahead of data

By Nick Parsons
Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz is one of the more interesting and insightful Central Bank Governors around... read more

07 November 2017 - CAD awaits Poloz speech

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar had another good day on Monday with the USD/CAD exchange rate falling from a high of 1.2781 to a low of 1.2703. read more

06 November 2017 - CAD edging higher again

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar has so far this Monday very modestly extended the gains it made at the back end of last week. read more

02 November 2017 - CAD driven by overseas events

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar has recovered around half its losses suffered in the post-GDP sell-off but it still faces plenty of domestic economic headwinds. read more

01 November 2017 - Two different birds: Loonie falls, Kiwi Rises

By Nick Parsons
The Canadian Dollar has stabilized overnight after the GDP figures on Halloween really spooked investors. read more

31 October 2017 - Trick or treat for CAD data?

By Nick Parsons
Judging by the price action in foreign exchange markets, investors might be forgiven for thinking it’s a Public Holiday in Canada. read more

30 October 2017 - Will economic data rescue the CAD?

By Harriet Easton
As in the United States, Canada doesn’t move to Daylight Saving Time until the first Sunday in November. read more

27 October 2017 - Loonie Continues to Lose Ground Against the Greenback

By Calvin Kuk
US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar: The Canadian dollar continues to decline against the greenback. Market participants focus on the Federal Reserve next w... read more

26 October 2017 - Loonie at 3 Month Low after BoC''s Dovish Tone

By Calvin Kuk
US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar: The Canadian dollar lost ground against its G10 trading peers after the Bank of Canada rate decision yesterday. The ma... read more

25 October 2017 - Bank of Canada Takes the Spotlight at 10:00 EST

By Calvin Kuk
US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar: In Canada today the Bank of Canada will announce interest rates and release its Monetary Policy Report at 10:00 am. Th... read more

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