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We are proud of our commitment to customer service and rely on repeat business and customer satisfaction to fuel our growth. Below are some comments our customers have made about our service.

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Peter Keung - TheBlog.ca

" I’ve found CanadianForex’s exchange rates to be better than XE Trade, at least for transferring between Canadian dollars and: US dollars, Euros, and Australian dollars. CanadianForex’s standard fee is $15 for transactions under $10,000 (and no fees for transactions above $10,000); while XE Trade usually charges no fees at all, CanadianForex is still better (as of January 2015) by a significant amount for trades that are more than a few hundred dollars."

Alyssa Adina-Lori James - Alyssawrites.com

" Canadian Forex is a company that allows international wire transfers online with no limit and good rates for CAD to GBP. The transfer can be sent to any account in the UK, and the fees are low (if there are any at all)."

Cassandra Hannah - Cassie In London

I gave them[CanadianForex] a call on my landline. The girl I spoke to, Hilary, dealt with everything swiftly and it was completely painless!

Mike M.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am very appreciative of the service provided by Sonam Khedup. I have been undertaking Canadian to GBP transfers since summer ‘13 to support my daughter in school in the UK. Frankly – the Canadian banks (mine included) were no help in setting up and maintaining a financial tether – the UK banks no better. Forex has been a simple and efficient alternative – made better by good service (first with Calvin Kuk and after his departure Sonam). I have since recommended your firm to colleagues"

Tim Forbes - The Tim Forbes blog

I can't believe that there are not more reviews on this company online! Hand's down they have saved me so much money vs a bank wire transfer. They conduct their services in the most professional manner and are so onto it with keeping you informed that you never once are concerned about your transaction. If you need to transfer savings between countries for relocation, as I know a lot of young professionals do these days, definitely do not hesitate to use these guys, Canadian Forex. You will be absolutely stoked with the rates they offer, it makes me laugh at what the banks offer their "Valued customers"

Charles McGregor-Shaw

I wish to thank your company for doing a great job. I wanted to transfer a large amount of funds from Canada to Australia. You made it so easy to open an account. I was in Canada last week, and on Friday 17th May 2013. I contacted your Toronto Forex office, gave them my Australian bank details and in minutes I had arranged the transfer.

Forget about Banks!!!!!

The sum I wished transfered was $508,330.87 Canadian Dollars The Canadian Bank quoted $18,000 to transfer the funds at their exchange rate. CanadianForex quoted $2,846.65. Yes! That is correct.( with no fees) The funds were in my Australian bank the following Tuesday. You do not need to be great at math to work this out. CanadianForex exchange rates are fantastic. I ended up having $505,484.22 Australian Dollars in my bank. That is a saving of $15,153.35 over the bank rates. Thankyou again CanadianForex!

D Hall

"A great service for anyone needing to transfer money. I had never transferred money before, you were very helpful and made it easy for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service. I was very impressed with the proactive, prompt & efficient service that you offered throughout the process, it's not very often you get to see it these days!

An easy to use website, with a simple registration and transfer process and if you're converting the cash yourself, it gets quite exciting too! A very professional service that I would highly recommend.

Thank you for helping to make our move to NZ smooth and painless. Thank you very much."

D Streu

’Actually you guys were awesome. Will definitely recommend you.’

D. Wallace

"I wish I had known about your service before. I regularly send money to South Africa and have been using my bank and paying over the odds for a rotten service. Excellent service, many thanks."


"I want to write you to thank you for the service I received on my recent UK/NZ transaction. It was nothing short of absolutely superb. I don't think I have ever received such excellent service ever in any domain. Your telephonists were not only proficient but extremely friendly. All e-mail enquiries were followed up by phone in less than 5 minutes! If I ever hear of anyone who needs such services I will tell them not even to think about going anywhere else. You guys are simply the best!"
Thanks so much!

Don MacDiarmid

"I'm extremely happy with the service Canadian Forex has provided me. This was my first experience dealing with a foreign exchange company and I would like to compliment everyone with whom I dealt over the last several weeks. All of my questions were answered fully in a professional and respectful manner. I particularly appreciate the follow up emails and as well as the tips regarding currency movements. I plan to use your services for all of my currency transactions in the future. Sincerely, Don MacDiarmid. A satisfied customer."

Ed Gilmartin

"Our move to the US was incredibly stressful but the service we received from CanadianForex was outstanding.

We could not believe the savings we made on the exchange rate by using CanadianForex instead of our bank. We asked the bank to check their rates twice thinking they had made a mistake as the savings seemed too good to be true. The CanadianForex service and the 24 hour access to dealers also left the banks for dead.



"Many thanks for your help guys. I will highly recommend you guys to my friends. If this is not the best customer service I don't know what is."

J Goude

"Just a note to say thank you for a painless and swift currency exchange, so much sweeter and cheaper than the banks."

J Matthesius

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team at OzForex! Your company is a wonderful aid to those needing to transfer funds internationally with little or no hassle.
You guys were amazing, professional and very pleasant to deal with. I will be recommending you to all my contacts who are relocating overseas as well as those who have left The great south lands shores."

Jane Rees

"Thank you CanadianForex for saving us a fortune in the exchange rate compared to our bank's rates. The entire foreign exchange process was extremely smooth and hassle-free. We wish we had found you sooner!"

L Robison

Thanks very much for the subscription, I have already used your service today to pay for my new car! Your staff is so nice to deal with, the process was so easy and I saved lots of $ over my bank's rates! Thanks again!!!

M Massicotte

"My experience using OzForex was positive, with good economics and excellent support. The transaction went well and was recommended to a friend who used OzForex and was also very satisfied. I would rate OzForex and their support a 10 out of 10 and I will be using the service again."

M Munnings

"Thanks for the reply, the transfer went through very successfully. I have been so impressed by the way everyone in your organisation has responded during this transfer process. I spoke to at least four different people, by phone and email and there manner has been brilliant.

Everyone has been friendly, courteous, concise and engaging. I can honestly say that I have never dealt with an organisation that has such a high standard of customer care and service.

Congratulations on a job well done."

M Sains

"Thank you for your assistance in this transfer.

Actually setting up and completing the transaction was very simple indeed, I will recommend you and your company if I hear of someone in a similar situation. It was all so simple and fast and when you compare to High street banks the rate is very competitive.

Thank you once again."

M White

"I've been using Ozforex for about six months now and I find them incredibly easy to work with and extremely efficient. To be honest, I was finding transferring money from the UK to Australia through the regular banks both time-consuming and ridiculously tied up with red tape; the whole process was driving me mad.

A friend mentioned Ozforex, I tried it the next day and have never looked back. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the Ozforex website is very user-friendly. I fully recommend it to anyone who needs to transfer money."

Pete Beckhouse

"Before discovering CanadianForex, we were sending funds overseas using the Canadian banks. Not only did this method take forever to process but it came with alarmingly high transaction costs! In contrast, CanadianForex provided a straight-forward, quick and risk-free way of transferring my money. The payments are always on time and the deal confirmations are highly professional and courteous. I will definitely be recommending CanadianForex to all my colleagues and friends."

R Sanjana

"I am really glad to have chanced on OZForex. I had no idea that transferring money could be so easy and hassle free. Especially since it is all done on the net and I did not even have to keep track of the exchange rate. I was informed by e-mail and text when the rate reached the level I wanted. To top it all – the staff are extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. Hopefully, I will never have to deal with a bank again – when it comes to forex deals."

S Smith

"Having been robbed by the banks for some time for foreign exchange, finding your site seemed just too good to be true! No charges, best rates guaranteed and best of all, international accounts so money can easily be transferred in a country of origin and appears as if by magic at the destination country and subsequently my account, no associated bank costs in or out, brilliant.

Ozforex is one of the truly incredible internet services of the current age and deserves to prosper. In three transactions alone I have benefited to the tune of over A$15,000 by using Ozforex over bank transactions and have saved several hundred dollars in charges.

I would like to thank you for your great service."

Cabletest - R Simmons

CanadianForex easy to use service has saved our company time and money. By utilizing their hedging tools we have been able to save thousands of dollars and ensure the value our income streams.

RL Solutions - C Lavine

RL Solutions has been using CanadianForex for about six months now for both spot trades and forward contracts. Their rates and service are the best I have experienced in the market.

E Fearnside

I would like to thank John Corcoran of OzForex.com.au (canadianforex.ca) for the clear, precise & patient help he afforded me in my currency dealings. I highly recommend this Co. which I have dealt with over the last few years.

G Busch

Hi Fred, I just thought I would let you know that the transfer came through to our account yesterday morning. Thanks for all your help and it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional organisation and individual as your yourself. I will certainly recommend Canadian Forex/Oz Forex to other people.

J. Cowan

Thanks John - you were very helpful and the system is great.

Jeremy Knight

Hi Shannon, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say many thanks for yours and your colleague's assistance and excellent service recently in sending my Canadian funds to my UK bank. The transferred funds appeared in my UK account after just a couple of days and without a hitch to my great relief. Not that I doubted your companys credentials and professionalism, but being new to this procedure I had what I hope you will consider an understandable trepidation. Ive been very busy with final preparations in Canada and since getting back here, but I wanted to send you my acknowledgement and thanks. I will heartily recommend your services to friends and aquaintances and in fact have already done so to an aquaintance whos planning a move back to the UK from Canada later this year. Very best regards Jeremy Knight

L. McLelland

"I just wanted to email to advise that Te’a has been particularly helpful, clear and efficient. She has responded to all my questions (and I have had numerous)in a timely and friendly manner. Thank you very much!"

Pam K.

Over the last several months, I think I've made 5 or 6 phone calls to CanadianForex/OzForex asking about how it works, what I need to do to use it, etc. Not being overly confident or competent when it comes to computers, I was most impressed with every one from your company that Ive spoken too. Never before have I had such competent, understanding, and helpful assistance over the phone from every single person Ive dealt within the same company. And, I wasn't treated as a dummy, but was still given very precise and helpful information. You might consider running seminars for other countries around the world on how phone operators should respond to clients in any type of business. My very sincere appreciation for all your help and the way it was given. Im so relieved to have gotten through my first transaction with you (after quite a few problems getting things lined up - not through CanadianForex/OzForex, but through our bank) and am not nervous about my next upcoming transfer. Thanks, Pam

Trevor. E

Hi Shannon, I was very impressed with both you & OzForex – in transferring my funds from Aus to NZ. Thank you very much – I will be both using you guys as much as possible & recommending you company as well. Cheers

Financial Officer, Interstone Marble and Granite Ltd -Sara Duncan

"CanadianForex has helped simplify our FX payments saving our company time and money. By making use of their hedging tools we have been able to control our costs. We are very happy with their service offering and look forward to continuing our relationship."

Jonathon Hall 

"Having never sent funds overseas before, I was relieved when the guys from CanadianForex took me through the transfer step by step and showed me how I could save money simply by using their service rather than the banks.
Even though it started as a one-off transaction, I now use CanadianForex regularly to send funds to the US. The website is a great source of forex information, offering easy to understand conversion tools and exchange rates."

Managing Director - Diskovery (UK) -Greg Wildisen

"The CanadianForex service provides us with a fantastic, round-the-clock means of transacting our foreign exchange business. There's no fuss, the rates are great and we don't incur fees like we used to with the banks."

Pachem Distribution -Patty D''Antonio

"Having received such great service from CanadianForex we are really happy to use their FX services. CanadianForex is fast in responding to any questions we have and providing any information we may need. We look forward to continuing to do business with CanadianForex."

Think On Your Feet Intl. -Peter Everett

"After registering my business online with CanadianForex, I completed a succession of deals sending large amounts of money from the UK to Canada. I found when I compared CanadianForex to my previous provider, I was saving hundreds of pounds at a time on large transactions and there were no fees!

The greatest thing about using CanadianForex is that you can send funds all around the world just by accessing the website and deals are confirmed within minutes of entering them online. Thank you CanadianForex and in particular the dealing team."

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