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Need to send ­­­­­­ money to Canada? If so, you’ve come to the best website for converting your home currency into Canadian Dollars. Whether you need to transfer funds to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City, Winnipeg, CanadianForex is likely the cheapest way to send money to Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, with offices around the world, we provide 24 hour access to a highly skilled forex team.

Canadian Money Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use CanadianForex if you live outside Canada?

Unfortunately, no. We can only offer our services to people residing in Canada. If you live outside Canada, you'll need to register with one of our international braches closest to your residence:

USA Branch UK Branch Australian Branch
US to Canada Transfers Europe to Canada Transfers Australia to Canada Transfers

What currencies can CanadianForex convert & transfer to your Canadian bank account?

We can convert and transfer the following currencies:

 - Euros DKK- Danish Krone SEK - Swedish Krona
US$ - US Dollar ¥ - Japanese Yen S$ - Singapore Dollar
£ - British Pound Sterling HK$ - Hong Kong Dollar د.إ - United Arab Emirates Dirham
zł - Polish Zloty NOK - Norwegian Krone R - South African Rand
CHF - Swiss Frank NZ$ - New Zealand Dollar A$ - Australian Dollar

How quickly can CanadianForex exchange and transfer money to a Canadain bank account?

It depends on what country you are transferring money from.  With the availability of BPay, Bill Payment, PingIt, direct debit, and bank wire, some transfers take longer than others. In general it will take 2 to 5 days to settle your transfer at your Canadian bank.

Is there any limit on how much money you can send to Canada?

No, CanadianForex has no upper limit. In fact, the more money you send, the better the exchange rate we can offer you. However, in order to give outstanding exchange rates we do set a minimum transfer amount in the equivalent of $200.  

How much does it cost to use CanadianForex?

It depends on the currency you need to transfer and the amount. When your transfer is large enough, we waive all fees. See the fee schedule below:

Currency Code Fee Charged No Fees When you Send at Least
US Dollar USD US$5   US$5,000  
Euro EUR €10   €5,000  
British Pound GBP £7   £3,000  
Swiss Franc CHF SFr. 15   SFr. 10,000  
Danish Krone DKK kr. 20   kr. 50,000  
Norwegian Krone NOK kr20   kr50,000  
Swedish Kronor SEK kr20   kr50,000  
Polish Zloty PLN zł15   zł10,000  
Australian Dollar AUD A$15   A$10,000  
New Zealand Dollar NZD NZ$12   $NZ10,000  
Fijian Dollar FJD FJ$20   FJ$15,000  
Japanese Yen JPY ¥1500   ¥1,000,000  
Hong Kong Dollar HKD HK$60   HK$50,000  
Singapore Dollar SGD S$15   S$10,000  
United Arab Emirates Dirham AED 50د.إ 30,000د.إ   
South African Rand ZAR R50   R50,000 

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Can CanadianForex help me manage an unstable dollar exchange rate?

Yes. We offer Limit Orders to help our customers lock in a desired exchange rate and Forward Contracts to freeze a current exchange rates for future use. You won't typically realize the full potential of Limit Orders and Forwards until you send upwards of $30,000, the minimum for using our Forwards or Limit Orders. 


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